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Sound Stories of COVID19

Suddenly our environments have changed, silence takes over our cities, public spaces are lived from a balcony and the social, the political is lived through multiple filters. In most of the world people are confined to their homes. From the sound we want to share the sensory experience of this exceptional situation: how does the place where you are sound? What perceptions, sensations, images, and memories accompany these sounds? What stories can you tell from these sounds?
Sound Stories of COVID19

Paisaje Sensorial

Paisajesensorial is involved in different national and international research projects. Different media are used to communicate project activities, such as scientific publications, international conferences, sound art, and audiovisual productions through our podCAST la-casa-del-Sonido of which ‎you can find at These activities develop and implement new methodologies by integrating scientific and artistic activities related to sensory, ecological, and social aspects of perception. The projects are based on, on-site urban explorations and methodologies working on specific urban sites where we focus not only on the sounds we hear but also on how the world around us is changing.
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