Architect Researcher-Artist

Cristina Palmese

My professional career has developed a non-linear way following the changes in my personal life. That has allowed me to explore and promote new professional trajectories linked to my academic formation and my skills. I have interweaving theoretical, creative, applied, educational projects, and research-focused on multidisciplinary innovation. The fascination with relating things that have nothing in common has accompanied me through whole my life. To meet Francesco Venezia has been very important in my career as an architect. He helped me to discover the details of the organization of the space, in all its complexity. I moved to Spain in 2001 and I started collaborating with musician José Luis Carles on research concerning the interactions between space and sound. My Neapolitan origin has influenced my scientific trajectory. I have grown up in an ambient of multisensory mixture. The character of people, their adaptability to the unforeseen, and the presence of the force of nature the Vesuvius strongly present as a beauty and a threat has led me to investigate the relationship between body and environment. My research has centered on soundscape and sensorial scape. I am particularly interested in the daily perception and emotional response of citizens. . I explore the gender dimensión, inequality and power relations in public and intimate spaces, through the sensory landscape. I have participated in many exciting projects such as Metabody, an international research platform, Playing The Space, and ResonArt. I consider that scientific rigor needs to be accompanied by the willingness to incorporate the intangible and emotional
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