Soundscape -Researcher

José Luis Carles

Ph.D in Ecology (UAM) and Composer. Full Professor at the Interfacultative Department of Music. Facultad de Filosofía y Letras. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Professor José Luis Carles is responsible of different national and international research projects and deployed different media to communicate project activities, such as scientific publications, international conferences, sound art and audiovisual productions or through radio programs (‎. These activities pretend to develop and implement new methodologies by integrating scientific and artistic activities related to sensorial, ecological and social aspects of perception. The projects are based on “in situ” urban explorations and methodologies working on specific urban sites. Last Research Projects (Principal Researcher: Jose Luis Carles) • Space temporal Implications Musical Creation, Ref,: Har2011-23318 Funded By: Ministry of Science and Innovation Spain January 2012-December 2015. Execution Center: Interfaculty Department of Music (Faculty of Arts. UAM). • METABODY ( Funded by EU CULTURE PROGRAM January 2014-March 2016 Department of Music. UAM
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